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June 28, 2008

WordPress is awesome! Not only did I figure out that you can have a bunch of extra pages, it’s so neat. I’m going to make a ton of pages; also, all of the stuff from mysterysleuth.webs will be transfered over.

  • By scrolling to the end of each page you can comment on it and tell me what you think. Was it helpful?

If you’d like to join the blogging fun, go to CLICK-> Wordpess <-, fill it out, and make sure to select:

‘Just a username, please.’

Then sign up for THIS message board, then Private Message me (G.G.) with the email address that you used and the subject ‘Blogging’, with just a simple line about why you want to be a co-blogger. I’ll e-mail you back when I add you and then you can log in at wordpress and your ready to go!

OR email me with your email at with a line so I know your a real person. (I get lots of spam from this blog)

Please, PLEASE if your a kid ask your parents first!

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