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July 12, 2008

Mystery news! I’m ecstatic! Okay, maybe not THAT excited. But still, I found some interesting stuff!

Well, I was messing around on ebay and I found Judy Bolton watches. I’m a little confused because both Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden were very popular compared to Judy Bolton; but Judy had watches?


So anyways, if you want to see them here are the links:

I’m going to add a Judy Bolton page; not just because I found really awesome time-keeping devices (I’ve been reading too many Trixie Belden’s recently if you haven’t caught on yet). But… I really like them. I really like the one Judy Bolton book I’ve ever read.

What’s new with Nancy and Trix? Well, since I last went ebay drooling for old books they were at least five dollars a book– even those over printed yellow hardbacks and the colorful reprints. Now everything, EVERYTHING, dust jacket included or not: 99 cents. What is this, Rap music?

Changing the subject (again I’ve been reading to many Trixies; I’m not really changing the subject a-tall) I saw that 4th addition Trixie’s are going for insubstantial amounts above 1st’s.


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