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More on the Hardy Boys Game

August 21, 2008

Ohmigoodness that looks…. cool! Very cool! I might just beg a library to get that one in! It looks a little more ‘hands on’ than Nancy Drew computer games. Very challenging. Might have a sleuth-off to see who can beat it first!

*falls over laughing* Look at the first item on the ‘featured’ list! I can’t believe they actually casted DISNEY CHANNEL puppets for the voices of Frank and Joe! *giggles* Not like there is anything wrong with that, and I guess if the Cody guy was Joe’s voice it could work. In case you don’t know who they are, Cody is a guy that occasional shows up in Hannah Montana episodes… (not like I… really know/watch or anything *shifty eyes*)… and the Jesse guy is some type of singer. I think if they were going to do Disney actors they should have used Kevin Jonas and Cody but that’s just me… *grumbles* I mean Kevin Jonas even LOOKS like Frank!

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