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Nancy Drew: Hidden Staircase Unrevised

September 3, 2008

I have a unrevised edition of The Hidden Staircase; which means it has 25 chapters and has the original text from 1930.

I was reading through it today and came upon some very sill quotes: (don’t worry, it’s not much of a spoiler)

from  page 63,-64 the hidden staircase

Nancy Drew turned the question over in her mind as she sat propped up with pillows in a corner of the big davenport, the very picture of a pretty girl in brown study over some knotty problem. The more she thought about it, the knottier her problem became, for she had communicated with Rosemary and Floretta by writing, and unless her note to them had been intercepted in the mail, there was not way, toher knowledge, that the information could have become known to a third person.

“I’m almost tempted to believe in ghosts myself,” she thought. “It’s positively uncanny!” She reflected a moment and then chuckled: ” But, anyway, I don’t believe the ghost is a very brave one, or he wouldn’t be afraid to have me on his trail.”

AS she considered the possibility of danger connected with her visit to the old mansion, the smile faded from her face and all facetious thoughts about ‘ghosts’ passed from her mind.

Positively uncanny of a paragraph! I just love real literature like that. Don’t you think that’s refreshing?

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