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December 6th

December 6, 2008

Good morning!

I just scanned in some more covers and will be adding them soon.

The blog posts will be straightened out also; from now on everything for each day, unless it needs it’s own post, will be all in one. I will update the post if I add anything afterward.


  • On SimonSays (current publisher of Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys) they have some of the old books up! If you have been looking you can find them and some excerpts (which will be linked on here shortly) to read them! If you go to the main page of SIMON SAYS SLEUTH and look on the left sidebar you can find Hardy Boys Casefiles- but watch out, prices vary! CLICK FOR SIMON SAYS NANCY DREW DIGEST WEBPAGE
  • CALLING EVERYONE WHO WANTS THE REPRINTS OF TRIXIE BELDEN’s! I was doing a Yahoo search on Trixie and found out that you can buy them on! Here is the page on I’m not sure if it’s active/stocked, but I thought I’d post that!
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