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Mystery books everywhere…

December 29, 2008

It’s not like there is anything NEW exciting things going on with mystery books, but the OLD excitement it starting to come back with the new series’ leaving the main niche that it was in sixty, or seventy years ago. Yes, role playing and the fan fiction stuff is new and everyone is looking for places to do those things- but the old excitement is still there for the classic books. Not picking up a book for almost a year such as Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase, it seems like a new book. Even if it is slightly mainstream fiction after it was revised in the fifties, Nancy Drew still has this mystery chasing thing that no other modern amateur detective novel has had (that I know of).

Trixie, though she was never revised that much for the reprints, is amazing to read. I guess there are 60 thousand words in each, where a regular modern book is around 50 thousand. Let me tell you, writing even half as many words is a challenge, but to do 60 thousand words and most of them have relevance, it is so… wow. Even if it’s a moment talking to Jim, or giggling with Honey about plotting to be ‘girly’ for a week, it still has to do with the plot. It is something long and fun to read that has the right amount of detail for what it is and it is mostly there for a reason. You rarely want to flip to the next chapter, but there is still the drive of the plot that keeps you going to the next chapter.

The Hardy’s… well I haven’t read that many. But I surprisingly can’t put them down if I start one. Especially the unrevised, wow, those are great. Joe and Frank may not be as different (as in Joe’s the silly brother Frank’s the serious[as they have been made into]) in the old days, but even those git-yer-motorcycle! scenes are cool for girls!

Judy Bolton is almost like the Hardy Boys for me. I haven’t read that many (actually, one book) but she is still cool, because unlike Nan she had the other side of her (a life haha) where she got married, but that doesn’t stop her. It’s not just some ‘oh it’s a house wife solving mysteries when her husband is gone’ things. It’s a ‘wow she’s married to a guy that treats her like she knows what she’s doing when it comes to mysteries!’ thing. lol

Anyways, maybe it’s just me that is excited like I used to be, where I see the simple plots outshine and last for a long time.

And that’s my blog space for the day. 😉

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