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Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock torn apart PT1

February 15, 2009

Haha, not literal tearing! This post is for my review and comments about the revised edition of Nancy Drew The Secret of the Old Clock. NO SPOIL SPOILERS! 😉

First, I want to say that I have read this book several times. I might talk ahead a little, but I’ll try not to.

The first chapter Nancy rescues a little girl that falls off a bridge because a moving van almost runs over her. Nancy takes her to a house (I guess that it’s like, the only house nearby or something? It is a country road but…) Nancy meets the Turner sisters, who are the girl’s great-aunts. Their poor and it seems as though their more worried about whether the little girl, Judy, gets into college than if she broke any bones. And, to be fair it is a little upsetting because their father’s cousin promised to leave them money when he died, but it was left to the wealthy family of Topham in River Heights!

One thing that seemed way too bland was the detail. Original text of the old Nancy and Hardy’s are perfectly detailed, but the revised are just… “Oh, so you don’t know that when the dialogue says Nancy and then it says ‘father said’ it means Nancy’s dad!”

The second chapter goes on to Nancy ‘chasing’ the moving van that almost ran over the girl. Remember, Nancy stopped to chat with the Turner sisters, so now there are only tire tracks in the dirt, no dark grey conspicuous van to speed after! Golly, it has to lead to a paved road before a ‘fork’ in the road! The Topham sisters are also pointed out. Their the typical rich kids that only talk about money and how many parties they go to. 😎

I just realized that what I wrote was a little mean. It is a good book. Here is a funny quote from chapter 2:
“You sound like a trail lawyer, the way you cross-examine me,” Mr. Drew protested,
Wait, what is APPLE PUDDING?  x-(  😯

G.G. leaves this book examination to be finished another time, pointing out the end of chapter 2 is awesome…
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