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Shadow Ranchs and Farms

February 21, 2009

Okay, some how I was able to read The Secret of Shadow Ranch, The Secret of Red Gate Farm, and The Clue in the Diary in two days. I’ll add all of the locations and character later but right now I’ll point out some funny things that you notice while reading so many books in one week! SOME MINOR SPOILERS BUT MOSTLY FUNNY STUFF: First, I don’t get the whole ‘perfume’ thing in Red Gate. If it was a business selling oriental stuff, and they were trying to get rid of it, why would they give Bess such a hard time? And if it was so special that no one outside the ‘whatever-you-want-to-call-it-without-spoilers’ wears it, why would it be available to purchase? Anyways, Shadow Ranch is book 5 and Diary is 7, right? And cute Ned doesn’t show up until Diary, right? Well, here’s something fishy: In Shadow Ranch, Dave Gregory asks Nan to go to a square dance with him, and a little later in the book George laughs:

“What’ll poor Ned do?” George teased.

“We’ll be home before he gets back from Europe.”

Wait, how did that get mixed up? 😥

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