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Hardy Boys and speed boats…

March 1, 2009

🙂 Yes, Hardy Boys and speed boats. Every Undercover Brother book on my shelf was read this past week, and speed boats is one of the few things I remember. I want to say: yes, it’s cheap mainstream fiction. But it’s fantastic AND cheap mainstream fiction! Now, mind you I could care less if a book is mainstream as long as it’s interesting. And I haven’t read these in a long time. But after the revised Nancy Drews this was refreshing. Sure, I didn’t think the whole ‘Joe making a joke about fake knifes’ in #3 was that appealing, but it was witty and fun. Playback the parrot is fantastic.

U.B. #1, Extreme Danger

This is the first book in the Undercover Brothers series, and it has all sorts of cool new things. The chapters alternate first person narration from Frank and Joe. They have funky bikes and a pet! Frank and Joe Hardy are now agents for American Teens Against Crime: ATAC. It makes everything even more mysterious, because it almost seems like it’s a mystery, too. They barely talk about it. But it is very cool: they get bricks thrown through open windows with their next missions taped to it. Not like a brick being thrown towards poor little ol’ Joe is any good, but no one gets hurt when they get their next missions, anyways.

Joe is humorous and even though his great looks get in the way most of the time, he’s still a real detective. He’s first class at it, too. Frank is very cool and I happen to lean towards him as my fav. now. He thinks rationally and keeps everyone (excluding 18 year old girls) in line. Aunt Trudy (formally Gertrude…)  is a a very interesting character. No longer does she yell at the boys. She yells at the boys and tells them what to do more than their own mother (then again, I know very little about the older books)! Still, she is nice some times. Their mother is now a research librarian and helps Frank and Joe out on cases even though she doesn’t know about ATAC. Fenton, their dad is still dad, same dad that’s in the other Hardy Boys series. But now he is the sort of overseer of ATAC and is slightly hip, too!

Anyways, in this book the mission is for Frank and Joe to drive to Philadelphia to The Big Air Games, an extreme sports convention were the best go to play. They meet up with a girl who drools over Joe and helps them out a lot in their case, even though she doesn’t even know their there to solve one. There is violent stuff going on with the kids practicing for a million dollar prize, so they have to find some evidence FAST. A kid is shot, and all sorts of things happen.

WHAT I THINK: I thought it was a extreme book (:lol:) and it is very interesting. I can’t appreciate a motorcycle like Frank and Joe Hardy can, but the fancy-ness of them was cool. I didn’t get why they had to get make-overs, everyone could still tell who they were and it scared their mother. I almost cried when Joe… (the rest of this sentence was not included due to spoilers). Eddie Mundy was funny in the ending.

ICK:  -Why would the boys leave without getting a cage for their new parrot?

-Chet was crazy, and where did he get a motorbike? Plus, how could motorcycles go through a loop? The motorbike I can see, but…

-The makeovers were not necessary.


MISSION?: The mission was great and realistic. The laser pointer didn’t really have a purpose in the first place for this mission. ATAC seems cool! They have a great way to send missions.


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