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Alright, here is some new stuff!

April 17, 2009

I have finally decided to leave the reviews to the pages that are for the specific books. I added the Girl Detective book ‘The Orchid Thief’ and Mystery Stories ‘The Missing Horse Mystery’ today with the usual stuff and my reviews. It is a little bland of a review, but I’ll leave the spoilers for the message board.

I love the new layout!

Also, there is a new Hardy Boys game coming out next month! It looks great from what I’ve seen of it.

Date Log: April 17th, 2009

I’m so thankful for climate change. Yesterday there was a foot of snow and now it’s melting. I bet it’s going to snow again, though. Too bad, I really was liking that whole warming thing after the coldest winter ever.c

I’m just going to link to the page for the next Nancy Drew Girl Detective trilogy HERE. It looks like Nancy’s going green. What was wrong with Nan chasing after treasure or cracking codes like she always does? But you know, she has to be so hip and cool and hip. Oh, I already said hip.  I do recall reading that Nancy drives an SUV in Pageant Perfect Crime, even though previously she drove a hybrid. Now she’s solving a earth-friendly mystery. Huh. Maybe I’m not really understanding… Maybe they’re going to make up for it by printing the book on recycled paper. Which I guess is cool. Or even better, only do an e-copy. But then computers have carbon. Oh no. I guess that wouldn’t work.

Sorry, I had to say that. I’m just about ready to stop updating the Girl Detective page because it’s getting sooo disgusting. First there’s the model and makeup mysteries. What? If you haven’t noticed, a lot of girls that are into that stuff deeply enough to want to read about it hate Nancy Drew. Just go on HerInteractive, they are always talking about getting thrown out of lip-gloss-loving cliques at school for liking Nancy Drew. I doubt that just having a bunch of trilogies about driving SUV’s around and being a model are going to get the haters reading it.

I apologize if that wasn’t politically correct or whatever, but if the publishing company is going to go there so am I. I don’t care if people talk about eco because it’s their right, but the whole idea of Nancy Drew is that she doesn’t get into controversial things (excluding breaking-and-entering, but that’s sort of a new thing, too).

Anyways, I wonder what – judging from the title – the book is about? Is Nancy going to ride a bike to Walmart? Or is it about an Algae Monster and trying to end the formation of algae so that no one has to get slimmy when they swim?

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