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Nancy Drew captures another pirate.

April 19, 2009

Nancy Drew – Girl Detective #19 The Orchid Thief

(This book reminds me of a certain Mystery Stories books, one from around the ’80’s.)

In this book Nancy, Bess, and George fly down to Key Largo, FL. to visit long time friend Delia Duke. She’s from River Heights and invited to gang down for some sun. But *gasp* there may be something she needs help with! Soon, Nancy and CO. are motor-boating all around Key Largo looking for poachers, sunken treasure, gift shops ect.

WHAT I THINK: The beginning of the book was okay, but I mean, come on… Nan. You have to completely have no life because you THINK there is a mystery?

Anyways, the characters are great.

  • Delia was cool, but I wish that she would have acted more like a marine biologist than a botanist. I do see how she was extremely concerned about the orchid poaching and stuff, but I don’t understand why they didn’t involve that in the whole story.
  • The Salzars were cool. They’re treasure hunters, and that’s how they act. They were a little too willing to let people come hunting with them, though.
  • I realized that most of the character conflict was between Bess and George. Bess has a fit throughout the book about George going treasure hunting with the Salzars. Come on, Bess, does George have to be glued to Nancy? No. She’s a big girl, she can scuba-dive and search for treasure if she wants to. It is important to find who is poaching, but if your all together anyways would it really matter if she like, took two seconds to be an individual?

The plot was okay. Really. Slightly unrealistic… but okay. Thankfully the story moved quickly and it got to the point. Like I said, it reminds me of a later Mystery Stories book. Only this wasn’t about surfing, but there was still the running-after-someone scenes and the seafood restaurants. The ending was extremely close, also. Because of that I’m not tell which book, but it is very similar.

Nancy got Ned-sick (don’t a lot of us) because he couldn’t take off from college to be with her. Awww. 😥

*wipes tears*

Hope you like it, anyways! If you don’t really like the new ones but like Florida/summer mystery READ IT.

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