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New information and book

May 5, 2009

Okay, I was at the book store yesterday and I found the new Hardy/Nancy Supermystery. I was wrong, the Simon &  Schuster website did have a glitch, the SM’s are really $6.99. Unfortunately, it is a mystery (for 9-12 y/o) where both Nancy and Hardy Boys end up at the same Eco-Tour Resort. Gagging already?

Good news, I found something that a teenager or anyone who likes YA fiction would ACTUALLY like. It’s the second book in the Canterwood Crest series, ‘Chasing Blue‘. The series is great for horse lovers like me. I have read most of the first one in the books store but I bought the second one and read it all yesterday. It actually seems like a real person wrote it, and they actually cared. It is a little lip-glossy, but I think it didn’t go overboard on the teen stuff. I thought it was the best YA horse series I’ve ever found. I thought it was great that the antagonist did not create all of the drama, the characters actually forced people to congratulate their horses like most horse people do, and the ending was more of a nail-bitter than any mystery I’ve ever read (how many sentences did I just start with ‘I thought’?)! An actual cliff-hanger ending!

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