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Trixie Belden #1 The Secret of the Mansion

June 21, 2009

Overall Rating: 93.5 – Read it!

Plot: Great Plot!

Characters: Real

Why: Overall, I thought that the book was great. It was very real and exciting. The plot did not have any apparent gaps and it was realistic. The characters had separate personalities and were not too ‘perfect’.

Trixie is trying to save money to buy a horse in this book. I liked that. How her parents consented to $5 a week (saying as this book was originally written/published in 1948) I don’t know. Today, it would seem very realistic, but back in the 1940’s, and when you live in a big family with only one parent working, it seems a little odd. She seemed a little pushy at the beginning of the book, I’m surprised Honey didn’t run away crying.

Honey was sweet and she wasn’t written as fake-nervous, she progressed naturally out of it. I feel bad when she thinks she has to tell Miss Trask everything. I did think she was a little sudden about adopting Jim as her brother. Trixie didn’t know what was going to happen to Jim in later books, why didn’t she suggest more than once that her parents might adopt him? 😆 Maybe she realized she already had enough [of] brothers.

The whole book was pretty good. I’m not impressed with the ‘superstious’ references near the end of the books, but other than that, the book flowed and seemed like a story about summer with suspense and a treasure hunt; including a few things about horse, what to do when someone gets bit by a copperhead 101, how to be a good kid, and what not to do when your running away from a bad person. 😉

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