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Trixie Belden #2 The Red Trailer Mystery

June 21, 2009

Overall Rating: 85.5

Plot: okay

Characters: Uh… characters

Why: The overall book is okay, but when you look closely it kinda drags after the second half of the book. It seemed slightly unrealistic. There were a lot of characters and personality.

Trixie and Honey are trying to find Jim Frayne II, who ran away in #1. This book begins just moments from when the previous book in the series ends. It starts out fast and interesting. This book was published in 1950, so I can see why Trixie felt strange in a trailer, and the fact that Miss Trask only drives 20 miles an hour.

The book basically has a huge space between Chapters 8-12 and 15-17. Very little happens besides discussions about what they’ve already done to find Jim and what their going to do about a poor little girl named Joeanne. In fact, they seem more concerned about finding Joeanne faster than Jim! I know Jim is much older and can take care of himself, but he talked about leaving the country! Joeanne was too young to go far.

I don’t think they tried too hard to find Jim, either. He knows Jonesy thinks he is dead, but he wouldn’t risk walking along the highway were he could be spotted. Why would Honey and Trixie just stay next to the highway and on the trails?

I do like that Honey and Trixie developed as characters. Honey seems like she is less nervous and Trixie seems a little less pushy.

This book was okay. I really cannot say that I liked it, but it had a lot of great things and plot ideas. The characters were interesting and unique, the scenes were mysterious, and the bad guys were… surprising!

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