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Trixie Belden #3 The Gatehouse Mystery

July 6, 2009

Trixie Belden:

Overall Rating: 89

Plot: Great!

Characters: real

Why: This book was fast and new things happened every chapter. I liked the characters and thought that each one had important roles.

Trixie and Honey are off to explore! Bobby runs into an abandoned gatehouse and falls on a… diamond! Wow. Trixie figures out that the diamond was just dropped into the dirt and she and Honey want to figure out who did it. The book starts out at a good pace but it get’s repetitive. Brian and Mart come home from summer camp and make quick friends with Jim and Honey.

One thing I didn’t like about the book was the hired help. Mostly Dick and the gardeners. The Wheeler’s first gardener quits because the shovels go missing for one day? And then suddenly as Trixie and Honey find a mystery, there is all of this new help?

The Bob-Whites of the Glen are awesome. I think it’s great that they want to earn their money. They really portray a good image to kids of work and being a nice person. The great part is that they aren’t fake cool, either! Jim is very nice to Brian and Mart.

The ending is very much like a mystery book. It was very suspenseful, especially since it is just getting dark when Trixie meets up with the bad guy.

The book was interesting and fast. The mystery was slow but teaches you about investigation. Don’t take a shovel and leave it down at a gatehouse if you have a disgruntled gardener!

Characters (new:

  • Gallager – The Wheeler’s gardener who quites
  • Nailor – The Wheeler’s new gardener
  • Mr. Jed Tomlin – horse person
  • Richard Blank – ‘Dick’. New chauffeur whom Trixie suspects
  • Celia – Wheeler’s maid
  • Helen – Wheeler’s maid
  • Marjorie – Wheeler’s maid
  • ‘Cook’ – Wheeler’s cook
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