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ND Files: Secrets Can Kill

October 13, 2009

SCK page

The first book in the Files series! Pretty suspenseful, and overall mysterious.

Nancy Drew is asked by the principal of Bedford High to look into the strange but juvenile crimes taking place in the school. Nancy is paired with Daryl Gray, who is posing as her contact to help her with school work. Almost immediately Nancy is caught up more in dreamy Daryl than the mystery at hand, and she takes for granted the seriousness- until a student that knows a little too much is murdered. This change in events scrambles the whole mystery for Nancy, and she soon finds that she cannot trust anyone.

My opinion: I liked the writing style and the general plot. I thought it was interesting to see how Nancy went undercover much like The Hardy Boys do in recent books with ATAC.

I’m not convinced when Nancy says she thinks American History is boring, because she has always seemed like that kinda girl. I suppose it is not strange, because this the start of the series. The writers were probably trying to make her seem cool to the reading target.

I did have a problem with Nancy cheating on Ned, though. In the first chapter she talks about how perfect Ned is and how no guy could ever be better. Then, she goes to Bedford High and starts getting comfy with ‘cool’ guys. And I mean comfy! Phew. I’m not sure what Mr. Drew would think, but there were some implications! (And the worse part is that Hannah was in the house… cringe.) There is nothing more than PG scenes, so to speak, but I still do not think that what Nancy did just because ‘this guy was nice for a short time, so she made the best of it’ was alright. Come on Nancy! She does not seem to have morals or brains in this book.

Despite that, it is a pretty good book.

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