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Trixie Belden #13

November 11, 2009

Trixie Belden #13 The Mystery On Cobbett’s Island

Official Short Summary: When the Bob-Whites–minus Dan–head to Cobbett’s Island to spend ten days in a historic home on the beach, Trixie finds an old letter tucked away in a book and sets off on a long-delayed treasure hunt.

The first nautical book in Trixie Belden! I liked it. For once it seems like a real vacation for the gang–without Dan– with a little mystery.

The Bob-Whites are on another vacation. Paid for by Mr. Wheeler, who had to take an unexpected trip to South America for business.  This book starts out in the first days of summer vacation for everyone. Dan got a job as a camp counselor… he must not like to go on vacation with the gang, at the rate this is going.

I like this book, but it seems a bit boring. Almost as bad as The Red Trailer Mystery, but not quite. There are some very exciting things that happen, and the sailing scenes are just fabulous. But everything in-between seemed a little long and drawn out. You can’t tell me that six teenagers without parents and only Ms. Task are going to ONLY clean up fallen branches from the neighbor’s yard, and then a few quick trips out in a sailboat. With a few action scenes thrown in for something different.

One thing seemed strange about this book. Near the beginning, Trixie can barely pronounce ‘frustrated’, yet in the middle she is using words that I don’t even know. Weird.

Overall, I like the characters. Peter was awesome, and so was the old sailors and islanders. The location was cool. I think that other than a few parts, this is a really nice book.

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