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The Hidden Window Mystery

April 20, 2010

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories review of The Hidden Window Mystery – PART 1

The beginning of this novel is almost identical to Mystery at the Ski Jump in that the mail carrier is tossed by a high wind and comes in the Drew’s house to rest, only this time he drops his mail and Nancy has to chase it around. And, yet again, there is an angry person that accuses Nancy of loosing her letter. Once again, a fake accusation! It is almost as though only the character names are different from Ski Jump, and that is all.

Anyway, eventually Nancy get’s around to researching this mystery about a stained-glass window from 1850. This is where it gets really far-fetched. You ready? Nancy goes to a local stained-glass window maker, tells him about the mystery, and he gives her a catalogue of stained glass window dealers in the US. Even though this window has been missing for years. On a whim, she picks one in Charlottesville, NC. It just so happens, this is where Nancy’s cousin Susan Carr lives.

Wait, Nancy has a cousin? I thought Mr. Drew only had one sibling, an unmarried sister. It must be from Mrs. Drew’s family. Yeah.

Still wondering if the following chapters will give an answer. I’ve only made it to chapter4.

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