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Hello mystery fans!

December 24, 2010

I was ecstatic to see that M.S. made it to 5k hits last month! Even though I haven’t done much on here for several months I still check in and love MysterySleuth.

Something is going to change, however, because I now have some time to post! I really want to get caught up and finish some things I thought were done a long time ago (like book lists).

A lot of the things I HAVE been working on were on the sister site, MysteryHQ. We’ve been working hard on it since around April and it’s starting to look AWESOME. We’re about to put web pages up and re-design the message board. We had to switch hosters a while back and are now located at Unlike M.S., it has plenty of fan fiction boards, threads about Nancy Drew, and even some interest in Trixie Belden [though I have yet to convince a true blue Trixie fan to sign up] !


Hey people! A little content for a hungry blog.

September 6, 2010

Ugh, haven’t posted since June!

I thought I’d post something that has been bothering me for a while– the Secret of Shadow Ranch cover art.

This pic isn’t very big, but if you  pull out your own SSR, you can examine closer. Now, I may be a bit over-the-top picky, or just a REALLY critique-ey horse girl.

I couldn’t help but notice how short those reins are on the black horse. Plus, I have NEVER seen split reins like that. They are always long enough to overlap. Another thing that bothered me was Nancy’s jockey position on the horse (short stirrups)… SHE’S RIDING IN A WESTERN SADDLE, goodness.

ROFL, yeah, just thought I’d bring that to everyone’s attention… maybe I’m wrong.

Happy Anniversary!

June 29, 2010

Today is the 3 year anniversary of MysterySleuth! Horray!

The Clue of the Tapping Heels [revised]

June 26, 2010

The Clue of the Tapping Heels [revised, 1967]

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #16

by Carolyn Keene [original by Mildered W. Benson]

The first five chapter were certainly different. One of the oddest Nancy Drew books I’ve read. Because of this, I almost enjoyed it.

By the odd plot displayed in this book, I can only imagine how strange the original text is.  First,  the opening scene is in the Drew’s’recreational basement room’ (haven’t heard that one in a while), where Nancy is tap-dancing in code. Why? Bess and George want to know. Because Nancy’s been asked to solve a mystery involving a mysterious tap-dancer! GASP!

Not only that, but for unknown reasons a bunch of cats have been stolen from the very same lady! Huh.

Well, like I said, different is the word.

Wild Palomino by Stephen Holt [part1]

June 24, 2010

Wild Palomino ‘Stallion of the Prairies’ by Stephen Holt

Part of the ‘Famous Horse‘ series of books.

Grosset & Dunlap


First 2 Chapters: I nearly forgot that I owned this book until a few days ago. I remember starting to read this when I was much younger and I thought it was boring. Well, that is what I said about My Friend Flicka, too!
Though only around a measly 30K words, I am already enjoying the pace and detail used. I recall reading a Zane Grey book a while back-the beautiful views featured in the book got a bit tiresome to read about. This book—in just two chapters—has already created a seedy/slick hombre and a bankrupt ranch, and set the son of the rancher in the pursuit of a way to save it. It has the potential to be a dud, but I’m cheering for it!


April 29, 2010

Nancy Drew 80th Anniversary was yesterday! Blah, sorry for not posting anything for it, strangely (in a weird way) busy. Will make up for it!

The Hidden Window Mystery

April 20, 2010

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories review of The Hidden Window Mystery – PART 1

The beginning of this novel is almost identical to Mystery at the Ski Jump in that the mail carrier is tossed by a high wind and comes in the Drew’s house to rest, only this time he drops his mail and Nancy has to chase it around. And, yet again, there is an angry person that accuses Nancy of loosing her letter. Once again, a fake accusation! It is almost as though only the character names are different from Ski Jump, and that is all.

Anyway, eventually Nancy get’s around to researching this mystery about a stained-glass window from 1850. This is where it gets really far-fetched. You ready? Nancy goes to a local stained-glass window maker, tells him about the mystery, and he gives her a catalogue of stained glass window dealers in the US. Even though this window has been missing for years. On a whim, she picks one in Charlottesville, NC. It just so happens, this is where Nancy’s cousin Susan Carr lives.

Wait, Nancy has a cousin? I thought Mr. Drew only had one sibling, an unmarried sister. It must be from Mrs. Drew’s family. Yeah.

Still wondering if the following chapters will give an answer. I’ve only made it to chapter4.