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Judy Bolton

The Judy Bolton Mystery Series consisted of 38 books and was written between 1932 and 1967. The original author was Margaret (originally Rachel) Sutton. Margaret wrote Judy Bolton ‘based on things that actually happened’. This makes the series real and personal. In book 1, The Vanishing Shadow, Judy is 16. By the end of the series she was around 20 years old and married. There were other books planned and written but the series was canceled. Judy was to have twins and travel the world in search of hidden treasure in the 39th book, but publishers Grosset and Dunlap felt that Judy having kids went to far (gosh isn’t it enough to have her married?!? :p ) and so it was stopped.

Judy Bolton Miscellaneous Page

(MISC. PAGE includes characters, book covers, locations, and other misc. info)

Book Number BOOKS Overall Rating
Judy Bolton
1 The Vanishing Shadow
2 The Haunted Attic
3 The Invisible Chimes
4 Seven Strange Clues
5 The Ghost Parade
6 The Yellow Phantom
7 The Mystic Ball
8 The Voice in the Suitcase
9 The Mysterious Half Cat
10 The Riddle of the Double Ring
11 The Unfinished House
12 The Midnight Visitor
13 The Name on the Bracelet
14 The Clue in the Patchwork Quilt
15 The Mark on the Mirror
16 The Secret of the Barred Window
17 The Rainbow Riddle
18 The Living Portrait
19 The Secret of the Musical Tree
20 The Warning on the Window
21 The Clue of the Stone Lantern
22 The Spirit of Fog Island
23 The Black Cat’s Clue
24 The Forbidden Chest
25 The Haunted Road
26 The Clue in the Ruined Castle
27 The Trail of the Green Doll
28 The Haunted Fountain
29 The Clue of the Broken Wing
30 The Phantom Friend
31 The Discovery at Dragon’s Mouth
32 The Whispered Watchword
33 The Secret Quest
34 The Puzzle in the Pond
35 The Hidden Clue
36 The Pledge of the Twin Knights
37 The Search for the Glowing Hand
38 The Secret of the Sand Castle
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