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Hardy Boys Miscellaneous

The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories first appeared in summer of 1927 with The Tower Treasure; The House on the Cliff; and The Mystery of the Sawmill. The many series’ follow brothers Frank and Joe Hardy whom live in the town of Bayport (New Jersey is the supposed state) with their famous P.D. father Fenton Hardy, their mother, and their aunt Gertrude. They chase around looking for suspects; often accompanied by Chet Morton and Tony Prito- among others. Frank often dates Callie Shaw – Joe admires Iola Morton (Chet’s older sister). Iola is killed off in a later series due to a mystery, but re-appears in The Undercover Brothers series. There are other friend that tags after the brothers- Biff Hooper, Jerry Gilroy, and Phil Cohen.

Unlike Nancy Drew, they tend to maintain the same character through every book, even as trends and eras change.

Characters List

Main Characters:

  • Frank Hardy — Age 16;18 – Dark hair, tall… — Is the ‘geeky” brother that loves to research everything.
  • Joe Hardy — Age 15;17 – Blond… or sandy blond hair with blue eyes… whatever series — Is the brother that tends to act impulsively.
  • Fenton Hardy — Former police detective. In ‘Undercover Brothers’ series he opens a top-secret organization for teens to stop crime.
  • Laura Hardy — Mother to the Hardy boys. Was called ‘Mildred’ in “The Short-Wave Mystery”.
  • Chet Morton — Age 17-18 – Chubby,  blond — Chet tries to help the Hardy brothers solve mysteries… but his appetite / humorous personality distracts him slightly.
  • Aunt Gertude ‘Trudy’ Hardy — Fenton’s (older?) sister. Is sort-of bossy but the brothers still love her.
  • Ezra Collig — Bayport Police Chief.
  • Detective ‘Oscar’ Smuff — In the original unrevised Mystery Stories he is the OFFICIAL police detective; however, in the revised he is trying to get a job at the police station.
  • Con Riley — Can you believe it, policeman in Bayport. No pun. Likes to check up on the youth of Bayport and stop all the fun.
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