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Nancy Drew Miscellaneous

Nancy Drew is a book character with several series; and new stories have been added for 78+ years. In every series Nancy changes slightly; but is always the same has-her-head-stuck-in-a-mystery girl we all love. The series was first written by a woman named Mildred W. Benson under the pen name Carolyn Keene in 1920′s-30′s. Several hundred writers and books later Nancy is just as popular and everyone is always on the lookout for a new book. However, every-once and a while publishing of new books slacks off.

Nancy’s friends Bess Marvin and George Frayne appear in book 3 and Ned Nickerson in book 7.

Nancy Drew and her father Carson Drew live in a large town/small city called River Heights. It got it’s name from the large river that runs alongside it; ‘The Muskoka River’. Nancy’s mother died when she was three and as been taken care of by The Drew’s housekeeper Hannah Gruen ever since. Always trotting along with her is best chums George Fayne (really Georgia but she loves her nickname) and Bess Marvin . Both girls are cousins but they are opposites to an extreme. Still, they get along very well (most of the time).


Main Characters:

  • Nancy Drew — Age: 18 — Has strawberry blonde hair in the original series, changed several times to platinum and shades of brown — Loves to sleuth. Mysteries seem to find her where-ever she goes, even on ‘vacation’. Then again, there really is no such thing as vacation for Nancy Drew.
  • Carson Drew — Age:?? — look changes constantly — Nancy’s dad and successful attorney. Asks Nancy to help him in several cases.
  • Hannah Gruen — Age:?? — slightly plump with salt-and-pepper hair — The Drew’s house keeper. Helps raise Nancy. She is a great cook and loves to make midnight snacks for everyone.
  • Bess Marvin — Age: 18 — Long blonde hair ; slightly ‘chubby’ and is know for starting several diets that never last long; cousin to George Frayne — She is the girly-girl that we all adore. Loves clothes, shopping, cosmetics ect.
  • George Fayne — Age: 18 — At first she started out with long-ish brown hair but it was later changed to short-cropped and black. — Athletic. Loves any sport and tries most of them. In modern series she knows everything about computers.
  • Ned Nickerson — Age:?? — Tall, dark hair, dark eyes. Yeah, that’s it. 😉 — Nancy’s boyfriend. Is very smart. He plays football and baseball. Is in college; in most series at Emerson U. but was changed to River Heights U. in the Girl Detective series. He is always writing papers but is faithful to Nancy ad helps her on most cases.
  • Chief McGunnuis — tall, beef-y — in the older series enjoyed Nancy’s help on cases, but in the newer series he isn’t as greatfull
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