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Nancy Drew Mystery Stories

The Hidden Staircase – 2

Since this is one of the books that Grosset and Dunlap revised around the ’50s, I am putting the unrevised text (character names, places, plot ect) and the revised text details.

Unrevised ‘The Hidden Staircase’, April-May 1930


  • Hannah Gruen – Drew’s housekeeper.
  • Nathan Grombet – ‘of Cliffwood’; Is mean and is recognized as a sneaky guy.
  • Abigail Rowen – a lady from ‘The Secret of The Old Clock’.
  • Allie Horner – Grace’s sister; Loves chickens.
  • Grace Horner – Allie’s sister; is a dressmaker.

Places: (significant to the story)

  • The Drew Home (in the unrevised text it mentions there is an oak front door, electric refrigerator…)
    • Mr. Drew’s study
    • front porch
  • Abigail Rowen’s Home
    • parlor
  • The Muskoka River
    • railway bridge
  • Cliffwood
    • The Mansion
      • library
      • kitchen
      • dining room
      • parlor
      • three bedrooms [are mentioned]
      • the attic
      • (along with the rooms that the book takes place in, there is another part of the second floor that was boarded off because there was no use for it)
      • the passage ways
    • ‘The Other Stone House’
      • basement
      • bird room
      • bedroom(s)
    • The Telegraph Parlor



Revised ‘The Hidden Staircase’; 1959


  • Helen Corning – 21 – brunnette; lives in a white cottage. Announces in this book she is engaged with ^Jim Archer.
  • Nathan Gromber – tall and mean.
  • Willie Wharton – Land owner.
  • Rosemary Hayes – Helen’s great-aunt.
  • Miss Flora – Rosemary’s mother, was married to ^Everett Turnball.
  • Dirk Jackson – Nancy’s current boy-friend/date. Has red hair and was the high-school tennis champion.
  • Captain Roseland – police captain of Cliffwood.
  • Sammuel Greenman – lives in Huntsville
  • Tom Patric – police guard
  • ^Captain McGinnis – River Heights police captain
  • Anthony Barradale – a attorney that is working on a case with Nancy’s dad.
  • Albert Watson – is a certified certify-er :-p, lives on Tuttle Road
  • Miss Skade – nurse
  • Harry – cab driver
  • ^Postman(unnamed)

^ Was not present in the story but was mentioned.


  • dainty sandwhiches, tea
  • chicken salad, biscuits, fruit gelatin
  • steak, french-fried potatos, floating island dessert
  • fruit, can of chicken and rice, cream
  • eggs, milk


  • Cliffwood – town
    • Twin Elms – two miles from Cliffwood
      • ice house
      • smoke house
      • carriage house
    • Riverside Manor
  • Muskoka River
    • bridge
  • Nancy’s House – large brick, set back from the street.
  • White cottage – Where Helen lives
  • Hancock – town
  • Huntsville – town
  • Tuttle Road



  • owl


  • blue convertable – Nancy’s car
  • sedan – Mr. Drew’s car

Timeline: WARNING, spoilers!

  • Saterday – The book starts as Nancy get’s a phone call from Helen Corning; Nathan Gromber comes and threatens Nancy and her dad.
  • Sunday – Mr. Drew and Nancy go to church; afterward they go to see the railroad bridge
  • Monday – Mr. Drew flies to Chicago, promising to (probably) be home by Wensday; Nancy goes to stay at Twin Elms with Helen and her relatives.
  • (t.b.c.)
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