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Nancy Drew Mystery Stories


The Bungalow Mystery


n/a. If you have this book, let me know!


Nancy and Helen are caught in a storm on Twin Lakes (near River Heights) and almost drown! Laura Pendlton saves them and asks Nancy to investigate her guardians. Several things go wrong and Nancy must find out why!


  • Helen Corning – Nancy’s chum
  • Laura Pendlton
  • Jacob Aborn – Laura’s new guardian
  • Marian Aborn – Jacob’s wife
  • Aunt Jane Corning – Helen’s aunt and her fathers younger sister
  • Mr. Franklin – Pinecrest Motel’s manager
  • Jim Donnell
  • Cathy Donnell – Jim’s sister
  • Mrs. Gleason – Nancy’s next-door neighbor, who’s sister helps Hannah Gruen out
  • Mr. Seward – Monroe Bank Chain manager
  • Mr. Sill – River Heights’ Monroe Bank manager
  • Mr. Hamilton – Monroe Bank trust office
  • Mrs. Will Farley
  • Herbert Brown
  • Don Cameron – Nancy’s date
  • Janet Cameron – Don’s older sister
  • Bill Bent – Janet Cameron’s fiance’
  • Miss Hanson – Mr. Drew’s secretary


  • Twin Lakes
    • Pinecrest Motel
    • Montewago Hotel
    • bungalow
    • Melrose Lake
  • River Heights
    • Acorn Street (seven blocks from Nancy’s home)
      • Mrs. Farley’s home
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