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Nancy Drew Mystery Stories


The Mystery at Lilac Inn

This book was first written in the 1930’s and was revised in the 1950’s. I am providing the revised edition details; if you happen to have the unrevised 25 chapter version please email me at the address I left on the ‘links’ page.



Nancy has another mystery, and it has to do with herself! Someone has stolen things from her room, and people say they have seen her around River Heights even though she is at Lilac Inn, which is owned by her best friend Emily Willoughby. There are also some things going on at Lilac Inn, including mysterious figures and thefts. There are so many suspects it’s hard to keep track of them! Also, some one threatens Nancy several times. How can Nancy safely solve these cases? And how.


  • Helen Corning – Nancy’s best chum
  • Dorris Drake – Nancy’s friend
  • Phyl – Dorris’ friend
  • Emily Willoughby – owner of Lilac Inn
  • Dick Farnham – Emily’s fiance’
  • John McBride – Dick’s friend and best man, works for the military
  • Aunt Hazel Willoughby – Emily’s aunt
  • Mr. Daly – former owner of the Lilac Inn, loves to carve pipes
  • Maud Potter – the inn’s social director
  • Hank – gardener, was injured
  • Gil Gary – gardener
  • Jim – gardener
  • Luke – gardener
  • Anna – waitress
  • Kitty – waitress/cook
  • Mr. Goldsmith – Burk’s department store manager
  • Lieutenant Brice – Benton State Police
  • Jean Holmes – waitress
  • Mrs. Stonewell -Mary’s former employer
  • Mrs. Corning – Helen’s mother
  • Carl Bard – guard
  • Lillie Merriweather -actress
  • Mary Mason – Dorothy Marie or ‘Dotty Mae’ , ex-waitress for Lilac Inn
  • Bud Mason
  • Gay Carioca
  • Frank Logan
  • Simon


  • Benton
    • Lilac Inn
    • Dorris Drake’s home
  • Dockville
    • Mary Mason’s home
  • Bridgeton
  • River Heights
    • Drew home
    • Burk’s department store
    • Mr. Drew’s office
    • Meadow-brook Lane
      • Mrs. Stonewell’s home
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