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Nancy Drew Mystery Stories


The Secret of Shadow Ranch


N/A. If you have the unrevised of this book, please let me know!


Nancy’s on a trip to Arizona to visit with her friends and their relatives. But theres a mystery going on before she even gets there, and it may not be safe to stay at Shadow Ranch!


  • Bess Marvin
  • George Fayne
  • Edward Rawley – ‘Uncle Ed’ Owner of Shadow Ranch
  • Elizabeth Rawley – ‘Aunt Bet’
  • Shorty Steele – ranch hand
  • newstand clerk
  • Alice Regor – Bess and George’s cousin
  • Dave Gregory – ranch hand
  • Chief – ranch dog!
  • Walt Sanders – ranch hand
  • Tex – ranch hand
  • Mrs. Thurmond – cook
  • Choo-Choo – horse
  • Sheriff Curtis – Tumbleweed sheriff
  • Marry Deer – shop owner
  • ^Dirk Valentine – famous outlaw
  • ^Frances Humber – Dirk’s sweetheart
  • Miss Melody Philips – Frances
  • Mr. Bursey – ‘painter’ ‘Sid Brice’
  • Mr. Diamond
  • Ross Regor – Alice’s father


  • Phonix, Arizona
    • airport
  • Shadow Ranch
    • main house
    • bunk house
    • pump house
    • barn
    • cliff dwellings
  • Tumbleweed
    • Mary Deer’s store
    • Sheriff’s office
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