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The Mystery of Red Gate Farm

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories


The Secret of Red Gate Farm



Bess may be grumbling about a strange saleswoman that made Nancy suspicious; but Nancy quits listening and looks around the train. There’s is a girl, and she fainted. When they get her to wake up, she confides that she needs some help. Nancy realizes that the girl confused ‘Riverside Heights’ with River Heights when they get off the train, so Nancy drives her to the next town. And guess what’s waiting at Riverside Heights? Mysterious people! But how will she help Joanna Bryd and her grandma save Red Gate Farm if things get too weird…?


  • Bess Marvin
  • George Fayne
  • Joanna Bryd – ‘Jo’
  • Yvonne Wong – strange lady
  • Al
  • Hank
  • Gram – ‘Mrs. Bryd’, Jo’s grandma
  • Reuben Ames – farm hand
  • Chief McGinnis
  • Mr. Drew
  • Hannah Gruen
  • Mrs. Salisbury – boarder at Red Gate
  • Mr. Karl Abbott – boarder at Red Gate


  • Round Valley
    • Red Gate Farm
      • Mysterious Cave
    • Gas Station/ Restrant
  • River Heights
    • Drew’s home
  • Riverside Heights
    • Office building
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