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Trixie Belden

Trixie Belden was first published in 1948, starting of with The Secret of the Mansion. Julie Campbell wrote the first six books in the series and then it was taken over by the pseudonym of Kathryn Kenny. Trixie is an adventurous farm girl that loves mysteries and horses. She convinces her new neighbor Honey Wheeler to help her out with them and it often results in danger. In book 3, Trixie’s two older brothers, Mart and Brian, are back from summer camp. Diana Lynch comes in in book 4. By book 8, the seventh member of the group, Daniel Mangan, moves to Sleepyside in the care of his uncle Bill Regan- the Wheeler’s groom. All of the kids have started a ‘secret’ club; The Bob-Whites. They’re mission is to help whoever they can and all treat each other as brother and sister. The series ended in 1987 with 39 books. In 2003-2006 the publisher reprinted 1-15 in a glossy hardcover.

Trixie Belden Miscellaneous Page

(MISC. PAGE includes characters, book editions, history, and misc info such as locations)

Trixie Belden

Book Number BOOKS misc. page
Trixie Belden
1 The Secret of the Mansion click
2 The Red Trailer Mystery
3 The Gatehouse Mystery
4 The Mysterious Visitor
5 The Mystery Off Glen Road
6 Mystery in Arizona
7 The Mysterious Code
8 The Black Jacket Mystery
9 The Happy Valley Mystery
10 The Marshland Mystery
11 The Mystery at Bob-White Cave
12 The Mystery of the Blinking Eye
13 The Mystery on Cobbett’s Island
14 The Mystery of the Emeralds
15 The Mystery on the Mississippi
16 The Mystery of the Missing Heiress
17 The Mystery of the Uninvited Guest
18 The Mystery of the Phantom Grasshopper
19 The Mystery of the Unseen Treasure
20 The Mystery of Old Telegraph Road
21 The Mystery of the Castaway Children
22 The Mystery at Meads Mountain
23 The Mystery of the Queen’s Necklace
24 The Mystery at Saratoga
25 The Sasquatch Mystery
26 The Mystery of the Headless Horseman
27 The Mystery of the Ghostly Galleon
28 The Hudson River Mystery
29 The Mystery of the Velvet Gown
30 The Mystery of the Midnight Marauder
31 The Mystery at Maypenny’s
32 The Mystery of the Whispering Witch
33 The Mystery of the Vanishing Victim
34 The Mystery of the Missing Millionaire
35 The Mystery of the Memorial Day Fire
36 The Mystery of the Antique Doll
37 The Pet Show Mystery
38 The Indian Burial Ground Mystery
39 The Mystery of the Galloping Ghost
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  1. December 22, 2008 1:10 pm

    Dan’s name is spelled Mangan.

    Are you a Trixie Camper by chance?

    • December 22, 2008 6:05 pm

      Oh gosh, I didn’t change that? Thank you for pointing that out!

      No, but I wanted to go a few times!

  2. HeatherGloria permalink
    January 17, 2009 5:41 am

    Nice site! I’ve got the whole series once over and scattered titles of different editions. Been a fan for years and about to read through the series again. Thought I’d say hello!

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