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The Secret of the Mansion

Trixie Belden

The Secret of the Mansion


originally published in 1948

Official summary:

Trixie can’t believe she’s stuck in Sleepyside all summer while her lucky brothers are away at camp. Then a millionaire’s daughter moves in next door, a runaway kid hides out nearby, and rumors heat up that the old mansion on the hill is filled with a fortune. Maybe the summer won’t be so boring after all!


  • Moms Belden
  • Bobby Belden
  • Mr. Belden
  • Honey Wheeler
  • Miss Trask
  • Regan
  • Jim Frayne
  • Doctor Farris
  • nurse
  • Mr. Lytell
  • Celia
  • Jonsey
  • George Rainsford

Characters mentioned but not present:

  • Jed Tomplin – horse breeder
  • Brian Belden
  • Mart Belden
  • James Winthrop Frayne I
  • Nell Frayne


  • Reddy – Belden’s Irish-Setter
  • Bud – Honey’s black Cocker-Spaniel
  • Jupiter – Mr. Wheeler’s male black horse
  • Lady – Mrs. Wheeler’s horse
  • Strawberry – Honey’s strawberry roan (that’s a horse color, folks) male horse
  • Queenie – black game hen
  • stray dog
  • skunk

Trixie Belden – ‘Moms’ Belden – Mr. Belden – Bobby Belden – Honey Wheeler – Ms. Trask – ‘Mr.’ Regan – Jim Frayne – Mr. Lytell – Celia

General Locations:

  • Crabapple Farm – white frame-house
  • Ten Acres – gray and yellow house on the eastern hill from Crabapple Farm
      • dinning room – eastern side of house
      • study – nest room from dinning room
      • living room
    • summer house – view of the river and Manor House
  • Manor House – on the western hill from Crabapple Farm; long drive way with a curve
    • white-washed stable
    • willow bordered lake with ‘rustic’ boathouse
  • Happen Inn (mentioned)

WARNING: spoilers!

Overview: Trixie Belden finds herself in the middle of the summer with nothing to do and a deep need for a horse. To her joy there is a rich family with many horses that are moving into the vacant house next door. She makes friends with her new neighbor Honey Wheeler quickly and gets riding lessons from their groom in exchange for giving Honey bicycle riding lessons. When taking a ride through the trails Trixie suggests searching for hidden wealth in the house of James Frayne the First. They find Jim Frayne, the man’s only living relative trespassing. He finds out that Mr. Frayne is in the hospital with pneumonia and reveals to the two girls that he had run away from his cruel stepfather to live with his uncle. The three then exhausting search for the supposed money and a will. Jim’s uncle dies and his stepfather comes looking for him, only to drop a cigarette and set the house on fire. Jim finds the money and runs away, leaving Trixie his aunt’s ring that she had found.

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