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Trixie Belden Miscellaneous

Trixie Belden was first published in 1948. She lives on a country road with her three brothers, her mom and dad, and her frisky Irish-Setter dog Reddy. Just down the road from her lives Honey Wheeler and her adopted brother Jim Frayne. Honey is 13, like Trixie, and loves to ride horses with her best friends. Diana Lynch lives just up the road with her four little brothers and sisters and her parents. Di is 13, too. In the Wheeler’s game preserve lives Mr. Maypenny, who patrols the game preserve. He likes to help all the kids on Glen Road.

All of the kids have started a ‘secret’ club; The Bob-Whites. They’re mission is to help whoever they can and all treat each other as brother and sister.

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The Bob-Whites of the Glen

Trixie Belden

— Age:13-14 — Short; blue eyes; sandy blonde curls

— Stubborn, short-tempered friendly country girl. Loves horses and mysteries, and occasionally her brothers. Co-president of ‘The Bob-Whites of the Glen’.

Brian Belden

— Age:15-17 — Dark wavy hair; tall

— Trixie’s oldest brother. He loves science and hopes to become a doctor someday. Also enjoys horseback riding and driving his car.

Mart Belden

— Age:14-15 — Short-crew cut sandy blond hair

— Is exactly 11 months older than Trixie won’t let her forget it. Loves to use big words and confuse people with them. He loves agriculture and plans on becoming a farmer someday.

Madeline ‘Honey’ G. Wheeler

— Age:13-14 —

Tall; honey-colored hair

— Sweet. Loves to horse-back ride and sew. Her family is rich, and she often confides in Trixie about how she hates to be rich. She has always wanted a sibling; and gets one in ‘The Red Trailer Mystery’

Jim ‘James’ Winthrop Frayne II / Wheeler

— Age:15-16 — Tall; red hair

— Was orphaned at a young age and left to his cruel step-father. He is very stubborn and won’t stop once he has a goal. Is very sweet/sarcastic when needed. Adopted in ‘The Red Trailer Mystery’. Loves his new family.

Diana ‘Di’ Lynch

— Age:13-14— Dark, long hair; violet eyes

— Shy girl from school. Her father suddenly became wealthy and moved to a mansion on Glen Road. She has two-twin baby sisters and two-twin baby brothers. She hates butlers.

Dan Mangan

(still can’t find how to spell his last name… sorry. I don’t have the black jacket book) — Age:14-16 —Dark hair —
Is very mysterious. Regan’s nephew. First appears in ‘The Black Jacket Mystery’. Misses out on a lot of The Bob-White’s trips.

Younger Siblings:

Bobby Belden — Age:3-6 — Short; adorable grin; messy blond hair — The eccentric youngest brother that is adorable. Needs some ‘holp’ with his speech.

The Lynch Twins — two boys and two girl.

Other Characters:

William ‘Regan’

— Age:22-?? — Red hair, tall — The Wheelers short tempered and sweet groom. He adores horses and Bobby Belden. Also likes dogs. Hates …despises cars and grumbles when they break down. Has a similar background to Jim. Loves The Bob-Whites and helps them out in several of their scrapes.

Ms. Trask

— Short hair — Runs The Wheeler’s household. Used to be Honey’s governess and math teacher. She is very kind. Loves Bobby Belden. Also enjoys spending time with Mr. Lytell, the store keeper on Glen Road.

‘Moms’ Belden

— Long hair — Trixie, Brian, Mart, and Bobby’s mom. Loves to garden and can things. She keeps everyone from running in circles all over the county.

Mr. Belden

— Trixie, Brian, Mart and Bobby’s father. Runs The Sleepyside Bank. Loves to read the paper.

Mr. Maypenny

— Short — The Wheelers kind gamekeeper. Lives in the middle of the preserve. Loves to hunt, trap, garden and make hunter’s stew.

Mr. Lytell

—  Owns a shop on Glen Road. Loves to gossip. Enjoys spending time with Ms. Trask.

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